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June 02, 2010


Jonathan Jaeger

The beauty of this argument is that being the "best" is subjective. My taste in music is different for yours, therefore my favorite band in a particular genre is different than your favorite. The same goes for the two best computer companies, the two best social media sites, etc. Just strive to be the best in what your passionate about, don't change worlds if your passion suffers because of this.

Michael Spinosa

I really need to pick up this book and give it a read as I've got many unanswered questions. If your the best at something does that mean that all clients (particularly in our web design/development world) get the best? Usually this is directly related to a level of effort with an associated cost.

As a portfolio based business do we not push forward with projects and concepts that we may not agree with in terms of limited scope but would help the client immensely? I feel as though I may be asking the wrong questions. Going to grab "The Dip" tomorrow. Great post!


I agree w/ Jonathan, that "best" is very subjective, and "the best match" is indeed "the best (for you)." So a more-expensive-yet-local service provider may be better for you as opposed to a cheaper-yet-far-away service provider for a miser.

And there seem to be many companies, moviegoers, TV viewers, voters etc. who say "THIS IS THE BEST!" and, wow, do I ever disagree.

Maybe it's more a matter of "are you the best you can be?" To others it may result in two people who deliver sacks of potatoes with the same level of quality, but I think this is a good discussion to have.

Ben Landers, SEO & Web Analytics Guy

To me, it's the overall point that matters - be remarkable. There are far too many companies floundering along being average. They try to be all things to all people and end up as "jack of all trades - master of none." Mastery is HARD and most people give up long before achieving it. Don't read too much into the "be the best in the world" - as Jonathan pointed out, 'the best' is highly subjective. The book, "Good to Great" talks a lot about this as well.

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